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Flash LogoWizard 1.1

Flash LogoWizard is a program that can generate animated flash logos

Flash LogoWizard is a program that can generate animated flash logos.
They can be used as banners that can be placed on any website. As they can include a hyperlink, you can use them to direct traffic to another site.

You can choose any of the included templates to start your project. All of them include animated graphics. You can define the width and height of the logo you want to create, and enter a hyperlink that would take you to a web page when you click on that logo.

If you are satisfied with your logo, you can save them to your hard disk.

The trial version of this program will not let you save anything.

Flash LogoWizard will let you create logos with two lines of text. You can define the font color and if you want to include a shadow. You can choose to use any of the six available fonts.

We just released our new Flash logo builder software which helps you create Flash logos just as easy as our website.

It's called the Flash LogoWizard and features 26 different logos (not seen on this site), font changing, text color changing, and more features that you can see in the free download!

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is extremely easy to use
  • It includes several attractive templates


  • It does not allow to use different fonts for each line
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